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The parts of the pokie machine

Posted by on Aug 29, 2016 in Online Casino Games, Pokies |

Just like with many other things, people, in general, have very little right information and they base their ideas and conclusion on a limited amount of knowledge and insight. The same is with the game of pokies and online poker machines. You can find a lot of misconceptions and myths about the game of pokies regarding the way they work. Here you will find the exact concept about the way the pokie machine, as well as other slot machines, work so you can truly understand the gaming process.

TS-19569-Desktop-Lobby-01-600x338_1446973537514_tcm1488-263856Each pokie machine is constructed out of a variety of different parts, which can be external or internal. The main external parts of a pokie machine are the cabinet, the video screen, buttons, note and coin acceptor, the top box and belly panel and the coin tray. The cabinet is the outside frame of the machine which houses the internal parts, and it comes in various models. The information about the game is displayed on the video screen, and the buttons are used to interact with the game itself. Notes and coins are inserted through the note and coin acceptor, while the top box and belly table display the artwork of the game.You can pick up your winnings in the coin tray, located at the base of the pokie machine.

casino-slotsThe parts of the pokie machine the user does not see are called the internal parts, colloquially called the „guts“ of the machine. These include the motherboard, the EPROM and the interface card, different meters, a lot of cables, then the note validator, the lights, cash box and the hopper. The speakers and the door alarm also fall into this category. First of all, the most important part of the machine is the motherboard, because it is the basis which holds the other crucial parts such as the RAM memory. The Erasable programmable read only memory or the EPROM is the game’s internal logic system. The part which connects this part and the motherboard with the buttons is the interface card. The main purpose of the meters is to memorize important data like pay outs, for example. Cables have the role of connecting the major components, while cash box is used for storing the notes which the machine receives. The hopper is the part of the pokie machine used to release the winnings into the tray while the speakers play all of the important sounds and music used to interact with the player.

14085270-jackpot-online-gambling-concept-laptop-slot-machineAll of these parts have to work in harmony so the pokie machine can be used properly to provide the consumer the gaming experience expected. Technicians and engineers working on the assembly of the machine work devotedly to construct a  machine that can handle years and years of works without breaking down. Also, periodical maintenance is needed so the parts of the machine can function in an expected way. Next time your pull that handle and see the pokie machine spin up, think of the complexity involved and the ingenious solutions developed to construct such a precise machine.

A general overview of online pokies

Posted by on Aug 29, 2016 in Online Casino Games |

Scientific research and numerous studies have shown that gambling was a part of human activities at a very early stage in the human development, and different games of chance were practiced in the ancient civilizations. Over time, some of those games were lost and forgotten while others gained popularity and spread into new regions. However, the appearance of the first casinos, somewhere around 14th century, marked a real breakthrough for gambling as an organized activity, and official casinos started offering excitement and entertainment to its visitors. If it wasn’t for those pioneers, we never could have the chance to sit in front of our computers and spend the entire day placing small bets and spinning the reels.

casino-illustration12The progress of gambling and casino games is quite astonishing, especially in the last decade. One of the most popular types of games, the pokies, have seen a tremendous rise in popularity, and people all over the world are trying to hit that big jackpot that could change their lives forever. It is true that Australians play online pokies more than any other nation, and after all – they are the ones who invented the term “pokies”. Everyone else calls the game slots or slots machines, but the Land Down Under stubbornly sticks to its abbreviation of the phrase “poker machine.” As a matter of fact, 38% of adults in Australia are playing pokies, and the fact that there are more than 200.000 slot machines scattered around the country speaks for itself. Ever since “Aristocrat” introduced its legendary machine, The Clubman, in 1953, casinos and pubs are filled with machines that have a lever on the side and which produce a rattling sound of coins every once and a while.

However, land-based casinos are losing the battle against a younger and more modern enemy – online casinos. The Internet caused a revolution, and it completely changed the way in which we gamble, and more and more players are now placing bets and interacting with friends from the comforts of their homes. Online pokies are particularly interesting and attractive to players from all across the globe, predominantly because of the simplicity and potential profitability of slots. The process of playing online pokies is as simple as it gets, even though modern games have a lot of features and additional components, such as scatters, wild symbols, mini-games, and so on.

Cropped image of businessman using laptop by stacked casino chips at desk in office

Online pokies are easy to play, but the wins may not come so easily. Every spin with these games is random, and the outcome is regulated by the RNG – Random number generator. This algorithm allows the casino to have the upper hand in the bets, and the average payout rate with most online slots is around 90-95%. This means that players still have a pretty big chance of going away with some profits, but they must be careful about their tactics and expectations. Only by playing responsibly and making smart decisions can they hope of avoiding impulsive and emotional reactions which are the primary cause of loss and problems with gambling.

Best Casino Games Online

Posted by on Aug 29, 2016 in Online Casino Games |

Do you like gambling? We tend not to talk about risky moves that you simply build throughout your relating to work, business deals and life itself. We want to talk about actual gambling, your performance during casino games like roulette, blackjack, poker, and slot machines. If you wish to rely on your luck and earn some cash out of it, you don’t have to go to a casino anymore to do so. You’ll be able to play these games on a phone or your PC online. All you should do is install the app or visit their website, and once you register your account you will be able to play!

Online Roulette


Roulette, like the most of online poker machines, is a game widely known for its simplicity. Players bet on a color, black or red, or on selected number. Classic roulette has thirty-seven pockets or thirty-eight in Australian versions. Once the dealer spins the roulette, they additionally release the ball that jumps around on roulette until it loses the momentum and falls on a specific field. The simplest factor concerning roulette is that there are even odds for winning and losing. The ball will either fall on the black or red field. As an alternative, you’ll be able to bet on a specific number on the list. This may drastically cut back your possibilities for a win, however, if you get the picture right, you’ll get a heavy quantity of cash. Players that are new to these games mostly start by taking part in roulette because it is straightforward to play and doesn’t need an excessive amount of thinking.

Online Black Jack


This game is a bit more refined than other games within the casino. If you want to form cash within the online casino taking part in blackjack, you’ll need to absorb all there’s to grasp concerning taking part in it as well as rules. Rules are pretty much straightforward. The dealer passes the cards to the player whereas adding one to himself. The goal is to form a deck by adding cards as you progress, so the total number is twenty-one. If you go over twenty-one, you lose. Each card incorporates a range thereon, and as you add cards to your deck, you increase a total number of or cards value in your deck. Dealers deal the cards, and it’s up to you to notice when you are closer than your dealer to twenty-one. Each deck of cards incorporates a specific range of cards, and by the straightforward method of elimination, you’ll be able to calculate your possibilities of winning. This is often advanced technique suggested just for skilled players which will calculate as the game goes on. Rookie players ought to avoid taking this strategy into thought and keep on with the fundamental style of play.

Now you’ll be able to begin your gambling career online and become a prime player in no time. It’s all about how you play.

How to play pokies on android devices

Posted by on Aug 29, 2016 in Android Pokies, Mobile Pokies |

We all know that gambling is an activity practiced all over the world, and wherever you go – there will be some form of gambling or some kind of games of chance. Humans are designed to enjoy the adrenaline rush that comes with the risk involved in gambling, and our nature simply drives us towards entertainment and excitement that comes with games and casinos. Because games of chance are so enjoyable, people have tried to improve the quality of these games, and over centuries numerous upgrades have been incorporated into the existing types. Also, new forms of gambling have been created from time to time, and creativity and imagination of the human race are a resource that seems to have no end.

Mobile-CasinosNowadays, one of the most popular forms of entertainment and gambling is called pokies in Australia while the rest of the world knows this phenomenon by the name slots or slot machines. Pokies, as a term used in the Land Down Under, refers to the same thing as slots, but this term has been accepted by all the players in this country and they are using it ever since the golden days of video slots and poker machines. Sadly for the casino owners and operators, those days are almost over, and it is evident that brick and mortar gambling facilities are losing the battle against more sophisticated systems of playing, such as online or mobile gambling. Online casinos are taking over the business, and many casino owners have realized that the change is imminent and that the future of gaming lies in the virtual world.

Millions of people across the globe use Android powered devices, and this presents a huge market for the casino operators. That is why Android pokies started to appear as soon as the first casino apps were created, and the simplicity of slots was a perfect characteristic which enabled easy and straightforward transformation. Pokies that were once played by pulling a lever on the side of the device are now played by tapping the small piece of glass in your hand, and this evolutionary improvement happened in only a couple of decades. Sophisticated devices that we can hold in our hands are much different from those old, rattling machines that were swallowing coins and cashing out only a small percentage. Mobile pokies are safe and secure, and the regularity of gambling is usually on the highest possible level.

#7 Online roulette

Slots or pokies that are played on an Android device are fun, exciting, and can also be very profitable – if a little bit of luck goes your way. The process of playing is as simple as it gets, and you only need to press a button, and the reels will start with the spinning. If they stop in proper order, you could win astonishing prizes. Wilds and scatter symbols are very helpful in this respect, and bonuses and rewards are a well-known part of slots. Because of all of these reasons, it is easy to see why many experts claim that the future of gambling is on mobile devices.

Best mobile pokies around

Posted by on Aug 29, 2016 in Mobile Pokies, Online Casino Games |

If you are from Australia or New Zealand area, chance is the pokies are in your blood. Chances are you like taking chances, getting lost in the game and relaxing by looking at those incredible symbols spin. If you are anything like me, old fashioned guy who likes going out for a beer and then playing some pokies in your favorite bar, I have some news for you. The future is here!

mobile-casino-gamesMobile pokies provide you with the fun you want and love without the trouble of going to the machine. We are bringing pokies to you! And we are bringing a lot of them. Now, you can have hundreds of different games on the palm of your hand after visiting an online casino! Rad, right?

Casino Mate is one of the best rated online casinos there is. It’s been up and working for almost ten years and in that time it has gained a lot of popularity and fame. It is also a safe option, providing the security and guarantees the quality on the highest level.

On your first signup, after you transfer some funds to the account, the casino will match your deposit and also get you $100, and this will continue in four rounds enabling you to get up to $1400 in real playing money for free. If that’s not amazing, I don’t know what is!

Mobile Casino7 Sultans is another fascinating casino option for you to look at. Hosting the best: Microgaming casino system, the 7 Sultans, is sure to offer some of the best and the freshest games around. There are over 600 different games and over 300 pokies for you to choose. This means that you will never have to play the same pokies twice in a year, changing to another one every single day! As if that was not enough, you are also offered up to $500 of match bonus in free game money as well as some special offers like bonuses and free spins for premium games. There are also other rewards for the players coming back to the game, not only the first timers!

If you are looking for the best, chances are you have stumbled upon the Ruby Fortune casino which offers not only the best mobile pokies but also represent the safest and the most reliable platform for your online playing. Unmatched in the world of pokies, Ruby Casino is a casino you can’t skip.

They are offering over 400 different games, almost as many pokies, and literally half a thousand different games if you ever get into the mood for anything else. They are also supported by the Microgames system, making them a safe bet as long as the match quality goes. New players will be offered up to $700 as a way to entice their exploring as a welcome while the ones that are grown accustomed to the game also receive their loyalty rewards in the form of bonuses, free cash, and extra spins!

How to make money with iPhone pokies

Posted by on Aug 29, 2016 in iPhone Pokies, Mobile Pokies |

Since the trend began, there were two different ways to play pokies, separating the players into two different groups. The ones are the players playing the pokies for fun, as a pass time activity. The other one is a less forgiving but also, more rewarding one: playing for money. Here, you can invest actual money to win some, too.

DoubleDown Casino's Mobile Cleopatra slots game. (PRNewsFoto/IGT)

With the pokies going online, the game has changed in a big way. The pokies today are available online, making them accessible to everyone with a computer or a smartphone. If you are an iPhone user, there are dozens of casinos and hundreds or even thousands of different ways to play, both for money and for fun.

The selection of different games you can find on the market is similar to the ones existing in your local bar, the ones with three or more reels, video pokies, and many mores, often looking different to provide more diversity on the matter. If you have an iPhone, all you need to do is google some casinos and see which one goes best with what you had on your mind or take a look at your app store and see which individual games you would like to try.

09You will also need to connect your account to the game if you wish to be able to make a fortune inside the game. This is the place where the two of the mentioned play styles drift apart. Playing without any monetary consequences is more casual and relaxing while investing actual money gives the game a new spin. It becomes more interesting, engaging but also – riskier. You can win or lose; the adrenaline will spike, and the game can be quite crazy at times.

To get into playing iPhone pokies for real money, you need to go to an actual casino like Jackpot City, where you can choose one of the games they offer. The casinos you can find online should always be the ones you checked out and know a bit about. Don’t get tricked since the money business attracts all kinds of people, sometimes the wrong ones. Make sure the reviews of the people regarding the casino of your choice are genuine and positive and if possible, consult someone that has had the experience with an individual casino. Also, when looking for games on the app store, the star count can be helpful to show you how popular and acclaimed an app is.

The last thing to be aware of is an amazing thing called the signup bonus. This is practically a casino rewarding you for choosing them. This way, the first time you visit a casino, you will have a starting money balance on your account or a particular offer on the winnings in a given period to motivate you to get to know the chosen platform. With some casinos, you can get $1600 of in-game money to spend and invest as you see fit! Isn’t that neat?

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