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Posted by on Aug 29, 2016 in Android Pokies, Mobile Pokies |

How to play pokies on android devices

We all know that gambling is an activity practiced all over the world, and wherever you go – there will be some form of gambling or some kind of games of chance. Humans are designed to enjoy the adrenaline rush that comes with the risk involved in gambling, and our nature simply drives us towards entertainment and excitement that comes with games and casinos. Because games of chance are so enjoyable, people have tried to improve the quality of these games, and over centuries numerous upgrades have been incorporated into the existing types. Also, new forms of gambling have been created from time to time, and creativity and imagination of the human race are a resource that seems to have no end.

Mobile-CasinosNowadays, one of the most popular forms of entertainment and gambling is called pokies in Australia while the rest of the world knows this phenomenon by the name slots or slot machines. Pokies, as a term used in the Land Down Under, refers to the same thing as slots, but this term has been accepted by all the players in this country and they are using it ever since the golden days of video slots and poker machines. Sadly for the casino owners and operators, those days are almost over, and it is evident that brick and mortar gambling facilities are losing the battle against more sophisticated systems of playing, such as online or mobile gambling. Online casinos are taking over the business, and many casino owners have realized that the change is imminent and that the future of gaming lies in the virtual world.

Millions of people across the globe use Android powered devices, and this presents a huge market for the casino operators. That is why Android pokies started to appear as soon as the first casino apps were created, and the simplicity of slots was a perfect characteristic which enabled easy and straightforward transformation. Pokies that were once played by pulling a lever on the side of the device are now played by tapping the small piece of glass in your hand, and this evolutionary improvement happened in only a couple of decades. Sophisticated devices that we can hold in our hands are much different from those old, rattling machines that were swallowing coins and cashing out only a small percentage. Mobile pokies are safe and secure, and the regularity of gambling is usually on the highest possible level.

#7 Online roulette

Slots or pokies that are played on an Android device are fun, exciting, and can also be very profitable – if a little bit of luck goes your way. The process of playing is as simple as it gets, and you only need to press a button, and the reels will start with the spinning. If they stop in proper order, you could win astonishing prizes. Wilds and scatter symbols are very helpful in this respect, and bonuses and rewards are a well-known part of slots. Because of all of these reasons, it is easy to see why many experts claim that the future of gambling is on mobile devices.

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