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Posted by on Aug 29, 2016 in Online Casino Games |

A general overview of online pokies

A general overview of online pokies

Scientific research and numerous studies have shown that gambling was a part of human activities at a very early stage in the human development, and different games of chance were practiced in the ancient civilizations. Over time, some of those games were lost and forgotten while others gained popularity and spread into new regions. However, the appearance of the first casinos, somewhere around 14th century, marked a real breakthrough for gambling as an organized activity, and official casinos started offering excitement and entertainment to its visitors. If it wasn’t for those pioneers, we never could have the chance to sit in front of our computers and spend the entire day placing small bets and spinning the reels.

casino-illustration12The progress of gambling and casino games is quite astonishing, especially in the last decade. One of the most popular types of games, the pokies, have seen a tremendous rise in popularity, and people all over the world are trying to hit that big jackpot that could change their lives forever. It is true that Australians play online pokies more than any other nation, and after all – they are the ones who invented the term “pokies”. Everyone else calls the game slots or slots machines, but the Land Down Under stubbornly sticks to its abbreviation of the phrase “poker machine.” As a matter of fact, 38% of adults in Australia are playing pokies, and the fact that there are more than 200.000 slot machines scattered around the country speaks for itself. Ever since “Aristocrat” introduced its legendary machine, The Clubman, in 1953, casinos and pubs are filled with machines that have a lever on the side and which produce a rattling sound of coins every once and a while.

However, land-based casinos are losing the battle against a younger and more modern enemy – online casinos. The Internet caused a revolution, and it completely changed the way in which we gamble, and more and more players are now placing bets and interacting with friends from the comforts of their homes. Online pokies are particularly interesting and attractive to players from all across the globe, predominantly because of the simplicity and potential profitability of slots. The process of playing online pokies is as simple as it gets, even though modern games have a lot of features and additional components, such as scatters, wild symbols, mini-games, and so on.

Cropped image of businessman using laptop by stacked casino chips at desk in office

Online pokies are easy to play, but the wins may not come so easily. Every spin with these games is random, and the outcome is regulated by the RNG – Random number generator. This algorithm allows the casino to have the upper hand in the bets, and the average payout rate with most online slots is around 90-95%. This means that players still have a pretty big chance of going away with some profits, but they must be careful about their tactics and expectations. Only by playing responsibly and making smart decisions can they hope of avoiding impulsive and emotional reactions which are the primary cause of loss and problems with gambling.

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