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Posted by on Aug 29, 2016 in Online Casino Games, Pokies |

The parts of the pokie machine

The parts of the pokie machine

Just like with many other things, people, in general, have very little right information and they base their ideas and conclusion on a limited amount of knowledge and insight. The same is with the game of pokies and online poker machines. You can find a lot of misconceptions and myths about the game of pokies regarding the way they work. Here you will find the exact concept about the way the pokie machine, as well as other slot machines, work so you can truly understand the gaming process.

TS-19569-Desktop-Lobby-01-600x338_1446973537514_tcm1488-263856Each pokie machine is constructed out of a variety of different parts, which can be external or internal. The main external parts of a pokie machine are the cabinet, the video screen, buttons, note and coin acceptor, the top box and belly panel and the coin tray. The cabinet is the outside frame of the machine which houses the internal parts, and it comes in various models. The information about the game is displayed on the video screen, and the buttons are used to interact with the game itself. Notes and coins are inserted through the note and coin acceptor, while the top box and belly table display the artwork of the game.You can pick up your winnings in the coin tray, located at the base of the pokie machine.

casino-slotsThe parts of the pokie machine the user does not see are called the internal parts, colloquially called the „guts“ of the machine. These include the motherboard, the EPROM and the interface card, different meters, a lot of cables, then the note validator, the lights, cash box and the hopper. The speakers and the door alarm also fall into this category. First of all, the most important part of the machine is the motherboard, because it is the basis which holds the other crucial parts such as the RAM memory. The Erasable programmable read only memory or the EPROM is the game’s internal logic system. The part which connects this part and the motherboard with the buttons is the interface card. The main purpose of the meters is to memorize important data like pay outs, for example. Cables have the role of connecting the major components, while cash box is used for storing the notes which the machine receives. The hopper is the part of the pokie machine used to release the winnings into the tray while the speakers play all of the important sounds and music used to interact with the player.

14085270-jackpot-online-gambling-concept-laptop-slot-machineAll of these parts have to work in harmony so the pokie machine can be used properly to provide the consumer the gaming experience expected. Technicians and engineers working on the assembly of the machine work devotedly to construct a  machine that can handle years and years of works without breaking down. Also, periodical maintenance is needed so the parts of the machine can function in an expected way. Next time your pull that handle and see the pokie machine spin up, think of the complexity involved and the ingenious solutions developed to construct such a precise machine.

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